Nursery & Preschool

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

We LOVE babies, and we have many families with very little babies. In fact, our nursery will need to be expanding soon, because so many of our couples have given birth in the last year!

On Sundays, your babies will be in a safe, loving and secure classroom, with a team that is dedicated to this ministry! Many of the team members who are part of this ministry are actually moms who themselves have babies there, who serve once or twice a month.

As you drop off your child, you will be given a check-in code, in case your child needs your attention. If necessary, the team will attempt to reach you by your cell, or come get you in the sanctuary.  If we don't find you, your kids check-in code will be shown on the corner of the screen, to indicate that your child would like to see you. 

Give your children the gift of community!

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