Pastors, Staff & Elders

Meet the Lead Pastors

Russell & Tanya Korets

Lead Pastor
Pastor Russell serves as one of the lead pastors of CityHill Church Northshore. He graduated from Oral Roberts University, and moved back to Seattle in early 2010 to help launch and lead City Hill Church, which has grown to 5 campuses, and over 2,000 attendees every weekend. Tanya works as a nurse, and helps oversee women’s ministry at CityHill Church. Together with Tanya, they have four children: Matthew, Honor, Levi & Ava. 

Eric & Lisa Trout

Lead Pastor 
Pastor Eric serves as one of the lead pastors of CityHill Church Northshore. Together with Lisa, they have been in ministry in the NW for many years, with a passion for worship, discipleship, raising a new generation of leadership, and community outreach. They have 5 amazing children, who are all in love with Jesus, and serve in different areas of the church.

Meet the team.

Vadim Polishchuk

Student & College Pastor
Vadim and a team of dedicated individuals make up a strong team of people who serve the high school and college students of the Northshore region. 

Benjamin Tereshchuk

Young Adults Ministry
The "YA" do life together, by meeting weekly in several life groups, traveling together and sharing life experiences together! 

Jamie Teschlog

Administrative Assistant
Jamie is a great blessing to our team, serving behind the scenes, enabling each ministry to succeed! 

Justin & Rebecca Lohman + Anna Bachinskiy

Kids Ministry (1st-5th Grade)
An amazing team dedicates time weekly to pray & prepare lessons for our children on Sundays during the service. In addition, they do special events throughout the year to serve kids of the Northshore region. 

Donna Hart

Donna oversees an amazing army of volunteers who serve in the Nursery during the Sunday gathering experience. 

Dave & Ida Strok

Graphic Design, Video & Photography
Dave & Ida are involved in all aspects of video and photography. From publishing our sermons, to creating videos, to serving and posting in our social media accounts and creating graphics, they are a blessing! 

Eugene Bobrovnikov

Sound & Media Team
Eugene oversees an army of people dedicated to extend the "worship experience" to thousands of people watching online, as well as the sound team ministry. 

Meet the Elders

In addition to  our lead pastors, these couples are part of the eldership team here at CityHill Church Northshore. 

Juan & Roze Garita

Marriage Ministry, Life Groups Coach

Matt & Gloria Buchanan

Pastoral Care

Max & Galina Adzhigirey

Premarital Counseling, Finance Team

Vasily & Nelya Botsyan

Senior Pastor of the family of CityHill Churches