Subsplash Spotlight: CityHill Church

As CityHill Church continues to grow, we strongly believe in technology as a tool to spread gospel using the Internet resources. Subsplash is one of the platform that helps us to share this mission!
Big thank  you to Subsplash for partnering with CityHill Church and providing your support in our ministry!
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CityHill Church was started over 9 years ago after sensing the need for a gospel community in their neighborhood. Since the founding, they have launched a new campus roughly every two years. Now with five campuses in the Pacific Northwest, CityHill is passionate about raising up leaders to reach more people in the region with the message of Christ.

“We as a church believe technology is really important, so we knew if we were going to reach our region we would have to be present online.” —Russell Korets, founding pastor.

With an emphasis on technology and its importance for the church, CityHill found that the Subsplash Platform could provide everything they needed to help fulfill their mission. As a multi-campus church, they found it crucial to have every campus utilize their custom app, digital giving, media, and website to streamline and simplify their processes.  

“We’re not having to go to multiple websites with different usernames and passwords to remember. It’s all in one place and easy to access the information as quickly as we need it,” noted Jamie Teschlog, administrative assistant at CityHill Northshore. Now when someone new joins, CityHill directs them to the app to get all the information they need on a specific campus or the church as a whole.

“The Subsplash Platform makes it really easy for me as a user and as a pastor.” —Alex Kulibaba, campus pastor CityHill continues to grow and engage their community, and technology has effectively amplified their mission for multi-campus ministry. As they continue to plant more campuses, CityHill already has the tools they need to scale.

Are you ready to join churches like CityHill in partnering with Subsplash for maximum engagement?

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